Education Trust Islamabad


You can contribute to our noble cause via the following:

  • By donating your Zakat, Sadqaat or Charity to Education Trust.
  • By donation in cash to meet fee, books/stationary, uniform and conveyance expenses to needy/poor students.
  • By persuading your friends and relatives to contribute to the sacred cause of education.
  • By sponsoring a certain number of students getting an education in various educational and ploy technical institutions.
  • By helping the organization of training workshops/seminars for teachers of remote areas.

FBR Approval for Tax Credit for Donors

Education Trust will make efforts for approval by FBR under powers of Sec 2(36) Income Tax Ordinance 2001 read with Rule 211 of Income Tax Rules 2002 and certification by PCP so that donors can claim Tax Credit under Sec 61(1) A in respect of donations to the Trust.