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Aspiring Children
  • Literacy and Development
  • Pakistan has one of the lowest literacy rates in South Asia at 49.9 percent: –
    • Male literacy rate is 61.7 percent
    • Female literacy rate is 35.2 percent. The female literacy rate drops to twenty-five percent in rural areas of Pakistan.
    • Girls’ school enrolment also significantly drops in rural areas. The enrolment rate for girls in rural areas is only twenty percent in grade school.
    • Sixty-five percent of Pakistan’s population is made up of rural citizens.
  • Illiteracy is linked to poverty and lack of basic needs.
  • Malnutrition and consequent effects on child development is associated with illiterate mothers who remain unaware of correct feeding practices.
  • Education is thus the most crucial tool for overall improvement in well-being of citizens.
  • Education helps: –
    • Jobs
    • Uphold social justice and equity
    • Social and self-awareness
    • Open mindedness
    • Pakistan’s literacy rate of 54.9% is significantly low and needs to be addressed on the highest priority.
Heart breaking, is it not? Angelic children having to scrounge for food. Can we close out eyes at this ugly facet of our society?
Do they not deserve better?
Do they not need help?
Who will help?
The responsibility is ours!
Everyone needs to step forward!
Do whatever we can.
Even small steps will make a huge difference.

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