How we Fared – Jan to June 2021

Prolonged impact of COVID-19 notwithstanding, Al Mujtaba Education Trust continued its activities effectively. Certification Courses at ‘The Hunar Foundation (THF)’ for boys and girls have continued while the six months ‘Vocational Training Courses’ at our five Vocational Centres (VTCs) have been completed. While timelines for selections for all educational levels and streams have been outlined, several ‘General Scholarships’ and ‘Saeeda Naseem Trust Scholarships’ for Secondary and Intermediate levels have been awarded where feasible. Processes for further selections for different streams and educational levels are in place and we hope to achieve the targeted number of students by September 2021. In summary: –

Summary: Scholarships 2021 till June 2021
Tehnical Certificate501060
Higher Education011
 Tando Allah Yar10 
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By Mustafa

We believe that access to education is an unalienable right. We recognize that many are denied this right due to socio-economic constraints. We strive to facilitate students from needy families achieve their educational ambitions.